working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven

Top Eleven is a football manager game to manage a football team to victory. Here are 10 Working tips to shine in top eleven game.

Sell Unwanted Items in your club inventory

If you have some unwanted team logos and club jerseys, you can sell them to earn tokens. It will help to increase your total tokens in hand and you can purchase good players. This is one of the key working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven.

Check the game for new events

If you are in the game, then check whether any events are happening, through those events you can earn several things that will  help you to improve your team. Through those events you can earn tokens, player attributes, morale and more.

Always attend the Match to get items

Try to attend the matches, because if you attend the match and whether you win or not you will get morale boosters and it can improve the morale of your players.

Always check the player morale before the start of a Match

If the player morale is less, then it will affect his game play and will lead to bad performance of your team. So if the morale is less try to play the player often or try to boost it using morale boosters. This is one of the important working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven.

Morale : working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven

Try to analyze the opposite team before the match

By analysing you can get an idea about the momentum that your team will get in that match. If the opposite team quality is way higher than yours, then try to make a formation that will decrease the damage dealt by your team.

Attend the matches to communicate with your players

Attend the matches and during game play you can communicate with your players and give information for what to do. That will help your players to perform good and will help them to do next steps.

Check for good Transfers

Always check the transfer option for getting good players and check the assistant tab in the transfer option to get the player that your assistant suggests.

Link your game account with google

Link your top eleven game account with google for backup, if not, then if you reinstall the game after  many days then you wont get your previous status.

Give Treatment to your injured player

 If an important player is injured and will be out for some days, then give treatment to the player using the treatment you got for reducing the injury time totally or partially.

Try to Make the preparation level to Good or higher

 Before the start of a match try to make the preparation level to good, Great or super by giving good rest to the players, by making their morale good and giving good training to the players.

Preparation level : working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven

These are the useful working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven and try to follow these steps for a good performance for your team.