working Tips to Shine in Top Eleven

Top Eleven is a football manager game to manage a football team to victory. Here are 7 Working tips to shine in top eleven game.

Get Players from Auction

 Use the Auction menu in the game to buy potential players. Always try to get good starred players for economical prices. Try to get the players we needed for the particular position we have space left. Don’t try to over accumulate players. For buying players we need money and tokens because the high rated player will need good economy.

auction tips to shine in top eleven

Build Good Capacity Stadium

 By Building good capacity stadium we can generate money from the home matches by the ticket sales, winning amount or participating amount and from the merchandises. So if you have a good capacity stadium the ticket sales amount will be good. Through Money we can do better things for the club.

Check the finances option

     Through the finances option we can sign new TV Rights for getting stable tokens daily. Through sponsorship we will get good amount of money for a particular period of time. Also set reasonable ticket prices because if the amount is high the audience participation will be low, this will result to low income from ticket sales.

finance tips to shine in top eleven

Train the Players Daily

By training the players daily will give them moral boost ans also improve their quality. If we have high quality players then overall team quality will increase, so Don’t forget to train players daily.

Don’t overstrain the players, as it will decrease their stamina and will affect their gameplay.

The training drills are divided into 3 parts, Attack, Defence, Physical & Mental. Each of them have different training strategies allot the strategies wisely to improve the quality of the players playing in different positions.

Define Good Squad Formation

 Try to make good squad formation according to the players we have. Don’t try to put the players out of their respective position as it will affect their morale and gameplay.

Tactics During Gameplay

  Always try to attend the match and you can control the tactics of your team’s play style according to the nature of opponent’s playing style. We have tactics for attack and defence. You can control it easily and it is not hard, just try to understand opposite team’s style. And if needed, then change your tactics.

Resting of Players

Before a match always check your players Condition, here condition is the overall stamina of your player, if it is low then he will get tired easily and it will lead to injury. So try to replenish the player’s condition by using the rest option.

You can get rests from winning games and making good training facility.